Bhangra Music

Origins of UK Bhangra and the role of the Indian DJ

Bhangra music originated from the Punjab region, northern India. It was often used to celebrate the time of harvest, dancing and singing to sounds of the ‘dhol’ drum. Now Bhangra is played extensively at Asian Weddings as part of Indian Wedding Entertainment. The rise in popularity of the Indian Wedding DJ in the UK has meant that Bhangra has become part of the fabric of British Culture. Indian DJs and Producers incorporate mainstream hip hop beats into their music which has infiltrated the mainstream. Massacre Sounds have a great understanding of Bhangra Music and boast a very large database of music ranging from the 70’s to the present.

In the UK, Bhangra came to light in the 1980’s. It was derived from Punjabi folk songs but was   altered when immigrants and British Indians reinvented it into a more contemporary sound. Massacre Sounds’ Asian Wedding DJs play Bhangra music, relying on the strong beats to inspire traditional dancing. The popularity of Bhangra music both for Indian wedding entertainment and in the mainstream market is huge.

Indian Wedding Entertainment dancefloors into the mainstream

In the 1980s Bhangra labels such as Multitone Records were selling over 30,000 cassettes a week in the UK. Indian Wedding Dj’s took this opportunity to spread the sound of Bhangra. This was perhaps the golden age lasting from 1985 – 1993. During this time the first Bhangra boyband called the Sahotas was formed by 5 indian brothers from Wolverhampton. Other Groups and Artists who have played a huge part in UK Bhangra Music is Bhugangy group, Malkit Singh, Heera, Apna Sangeet, DCS, Premi, Alaap, Azaad, Bally Sagoo, PMC, Tigerstyle, Aman Hayer, Sukshinder Shinda, B21, Jaz Dhami to name a few. Malkit Singh status as one of the great Bhangra artists in the UK was assured when he was awarded an MBE by the Queen for his services to music.

Artists celebrated by Indian DJs

The late Bindrakhia was perhaps the first international star of Bhangra and another artist who’s songs are also favorites with Asian Wedding DJs, his first international breakthrough song was Dupatta Tera Sat Rang Da in 1995, Massacre Sounds advise this is still in very high demands at events today. Some Great International Artists who have played a huge part in Bhangra Music over the years Gurdass Mann, Chamkilla, Kuldip Manak, Hans Raj Hans, Jazzy B, Diljit, Harbhajan Mann, Miss Pooja.

UK Bhangra has now developed into a high energy hip hop dance music genre which as well as being the mainstay for Punjabi DJ’s for Indian Wedding entertainment has also firmly established itself in mainstream Hip Hop. Western artists often use samples, adding different beats and instruments to traditional hip hop music. Examples can be heard in Missy Elliot’s track ‘Get Your Freak On’ and from artists including Jay Z, Fugees. One song which took the whole world by storm was “Mundian To Bach Ke” produced by PMC and the vocals of Labh Janjua. This track put Bhangra on the musical map. Whilst Bhangra artists are equally important in spreading the influence of Bhangra, Asian Wedding Djs such as Massacre Sounds have kept the music alive across private events, clubs, weddings and into the minds of their listeners. Today there are a number of  TV Channels dedicated to Bhangra Music and Radio Stations which provides a great platform for new artists and the future of Bhangra music

The Impact of Bollywood Music

Bollywood Music’s and the influence on western culture:

Bollywood music comes from Bollywood film songs, also known as Hindi film songs. The traditional song and dance routine of Bollywood films is both admired and parodied by western audiences. Yet no one can deny the cultural impact it has had on Europe and the US with songs like “Its’s my Birthday” by smash hit producer taking samples from the a film Hum Se Hai Muqabala and the hit track Urvashi Urvashi. Much like Bhangra, Bollywood music is often played for Indian Wedding Entertainment. Many of the dance routines from the films can be seen recreated at Indian weddings on the dancefloor as advised by Indian Wedding DJs Massacre Sounds.

Bollywood songs are composed to appeal to the masses and it is therefore unsurprising that Asian wedding DJ co-ordinate’s like Massacre Sounds use these popular songs to fire up the crowds. Bollywood focuses on themes of love, money, celebration and family. This has allowed a large cross section of society to be able to relate to the music and films. Indian Wedding Entertainment has provided a platform for Bollywood music to flourish. Massacre Sounds Boosts a large library of Bollywood Music and they sure now how to rock a party. They provide specialist Indian Wedding DJs with extensive knowledge of Bollywood Music.

Indian DJs  & the influence Hollywood

Further evidence of Bollywood music’s popularity is its presence in Hollywood. Film director Baz Luhrman sited Bollywood as a major influence for his film Moulin Rouge. One of his dance numbers included the song “Hindi Sad Diamonds” based on the Bollywood film song Chamma Chamma, composed by Anu Malik. Bollywood’s industry in terms of size and productivity has seen Hollywood take great interest in collaborating with Indian composers and film-makers. The ‘Indian dream factory’ has now reached both America and Europe. Undisputed successes like Slumdog Millionaire which received 8 Oscars and individual stars like actor Shah Rukh Khan have universal appeal. Bollywood music translates easily because it is very expressive, rhythmic and diverse. Overall the music is joyful and celebratory which encourages people to get up and dance.

Notable artists such as Rahat Fateh Ali Khan have provided the foundations for the popularity of Bollywood music. Other Producers who have a major influence on the popularity of Bollywood Music are A Rahman, Himesh Reshammiya and Sajid Wajid.

Bollywood’s influence on Indian DJs

Bollywood has had a huge impact on cultures across the world, notably in the UK. Hindi music and Bollywood songs can be heard in restaurants and on the radio. The BBC prides itself on its Asian Culture Network which broadcasts Bollywood music to millions of UK listeners. Asian DJs such as Massacre Sounds are valuable assets in the music industry and one of the main reason why Bollywood music has made it to the mainstream. Bollywood music is here to stay!

Heathrow Asian Wedding Services

My Perfect Indian Wedding at Thistle Heathrow

Just want to say a massive thank you to Massacre Sounds for making our wedding an absolute spectacle. From initial booking to aftercare, everything was perfect.

The team firstly arranged the entire entertainment for my pre-wedding party where everything went seamlessly and the guests had an enjoyable night. The set-up was perfect for the venue and I left the music to them and they surely delivered!

As for the wedding, an amazing night. The feedback was unexpected and we still have guests raving about our night to this day. The team liaised with all the suppliers and having planned and gone through our setup and options prior to the event, Massacre completely over-delivered.

The set-up looked amazing. The dancefloor, screens and lighting were perfect. Vic is a brilliant DJ and the dancefloor was never empty. He played through every song and video I requested at the right times and controlled the whole event accordingly despite late schedule changes and delays.

Massacre Sounds also arranged Apna Sangeet to play live at our event and they were brilliant. All I had to do was give Massacre was a list of songs I wanted them to sing and they sorted the rest out! We also had Bee2 and Jaz Dhami as a last minute additions Massacre adapted brilliantly like it was all planned to the minute.

The music was brilliant and the Dj really monitored the crowd and kept them dancing all night. Very impressed with the lighting and microphone skills. The equipment was spot-on too. They pretty much have everything you ask for!

Charn was always available throughout the whole booking to meet and responded promptly to any questions and requests. Really took away any headache we had building up to our big day.

Massacre Sounds also recommended many suppliers for us to use from décor to caterers and helped with any details including wedding flowers and photo/videography. They even arranged dhol players at very short notice.

I would use Massacre again and again and recommend them to all my friends and family. A great experience, a friendly and approachable team and all at a very good price. They definitely work with you to make it your special day.

Thanks a lot guys for making it an epic night.

Gurminder & Kiran

1st and 3rd May 2014

Indian Wedding Planning Tips

Indian Wedding Planning and working with suppliers for Indian Wedding:

Organising a great wedding is hard work and it’s often a good idea to get lots of help and support from family and friends. There are many things to consider when planning the best day of your life.

The most important thing is to give yourself and people you work with enough time to organise everything. It is important to allow time for changes so the wedding preparation goes ahead stress-free so you and your partner will be happy and relaxed on the day.

Ways to help you plan your Indian Wedding:

1. Work out your budget

2. Reserve your date and venues

3. Fill out an application for registering the marriage in the registry office.

4. Choose food or if your venue doesn’t provide any, look for a reliable caterer.

5 Send invitations

6. Decide what kind of wedding entertainment you want and book it in advance. Good Asian wedding DJs are usually booked way in advance. Your Indian Wedding Entertainment is an important part of the big day. Contact Massacre Sounds today

7. Decide on the decoration and theme suitable for the time of year.

8. Decide if you need only a photographer or you would like the wedding to be filmed. Book everyone in advance.

9. Arrange a meeting with your beautician and hair stylist. Make sure they are available on the day of the wedding and if possible are able to travel to your hotel room to save you unnecessary hassle on the wedding day.

For many organising a wedding this will be your first event management experience. You will need to be super-organised to ensure nothing is forgotten and remember that no task list is ever too detailed. Draw up a schedule of the event and slot in each component (cake-cutting, first dance). Send your event schedule to all the vendors involved on your big day.

After sending the schedule make sure everyone has received it by calling and once again discuss the details.

Working with Indian Wedding Entertainment suppliers:

1. Choose the one you trust, perhaps you have been recommended one by a friend or you may have attended a wedding that used them.

2. Meet your Asian wedding DJ prior to signing the contract and ensure he specialises in what you are after. Massacre Sounds ensures this approach is adopted for each event

3. At least 1 month before, send your wedding entertainment company the schedule and follow up to make sure they understand each part of it. Make sure that the venue knows about the catering and the space they require. They must know exactly when your Indian Wedding DJ will setup and also space needed.

  1. Hire an event manager for the day or ask one of your friends to be the main contact for your wedding entertainment teams. If you work with a professional Indian wedding DJ, photographer or caterer there will not be any emergencies so your friends will be able to relax.

The key to your perfect wedding is that absolutely everyone involved in the organisation is aware of their tasks, knows the timings and understand and what is expected of her/him. Your DJ is crucially important, if you don’t book in advance you will not have the experience you need for your event, contact Massacre Sounds Today.

Importance of Choosing the Right Suppliers for Your Wedding

Preparing for a wedding, regardless of its size, can be a major headache, which is why you need the best people on your side right from start. Having reputable suppliers that you can trust is essential if you are going to have a stress-free event and actually enjoy the process of preparing for your big day.

Choosing the right suppliers

From the caterers to the wedding DJ, getting the right suppliers in place is a major factor of a wedding running smoothly, and becoming a day that you and all of your guests enjoy. It’s a day that you want to remember forever for all of the right reasons, so it’s important that you pick suppliers who are tried and tested and that you know are able to deliver exactly what you expect.

Go for experience, not flashy marketing

When you are doing your search for wedding suppliers, make sure you do plenty of research and check that they have a history of delivering exactly what they are being paid for – often a pretty large sum of money! It’s so important that they have experience working at weddings and know what is expected of them at such an event. It’s far too easy to be sold into a service just from their fancy marketing, website or sales pitch. More often than not, actions speak far louder than words, so make sure you have the peace of mind of getting something that will be worth your while by taking a bit of extra time to find out a bit more about them.

Get first-hand opinions

When you’ve established that you want to get a tried and tested supplier, you may then not be sure where to start. One of the best things to do in the early stages is to ask friends and family for their first-hand experiences, especially those who live locally to your own wedding. Check who your loved ones used themselves, or see if they know of any suppliers from other weddings they have been to that have gone particularly well. A first-hand experience is one of the best forms of endorsement when it comes to something as sensitive as a wedding, so it’s well worth taking the time to gather these opinions.

A hands-on approach is important

The most important thing when choosing your suppliers is to ensure that you are taking full control of the situation. It’s down to you who is going to be playing the music or doing the food at your wedding, and you want it to not only be personal to you as a couple, but for things to run without a hitch. Always go with your gut-feeling and don’t be sold on sales-spiel or a marketing campaign alone and you can’t go too wrong.